git branches have diverged on openrtd, clean start

After a very long long break, I wanted to updated the buildroot environment that I used to create firmware for my e-boda hd4all 500 player(openrtd).

For some reason, my git master branch and buildroot master branch have diverged.

All solutions from internet with merge or rebase didn’t work, so I went to do some manual work.

As history not so important in this case, I found the list of files I modified and I’ll manually port changes done on that files, doing some clean-up in parallel.

$ git log --no-merges --pretty="%H" --author="user" | while read commit_hash; do git show --oneline --name-only $commit_hash | tail -n+2; done | sort | uniq

My repository configuration is that:

  • local master branch is following buildroot master branch and pushed to github master branch
  • local openrtd branch is following github openrtd branch
  • toolchain_mipsel is a new git repository on git-hub and submodule on openrtd

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