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Why sprints should end on Thor’s day

When sprints should end? Sprints can end any day of the week, but here are five reasons to end sprints in Thursday (which name is derived from Middle English Thuresday, which means “Thor‘s day”):

  • Thursday before Easter is it is traditionally a day of cleaning
  • Ascension of Jesus happened on a Thursday
  • Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on Thursday
  • graduation day in Thai universities almost always will be held on a Thursday
  • in Australia, most cinema movies premieres are held on Thursdays

Credits: Thursday related info is from Wikipedia



Point of no return

Point of no return is a moment in time following which turning back (or stopping) can be physically impossible, prohibitively expensive or dangerous.

Beware of fake point of no return.

If you did work a lot during the day for a task, but working time is finished and task not, this is (with few exceptions) a fake point of no return. There are big chances that you are already tired and if you continue working, the work you will do in overtime is low quality and task will eventually get more expensive then just taking a break and finishing the work next day.